Following their dominant 4-1 win over Bankstown City last weekend, Manly United coach Tom Hopley wasn’t giving the game away when he said United’s game plan for North-West Koalas this Sunday at Cromer Park would be “more of the same”.

“We will look to play our brand of patient, possession-based football,” Hopley said. “We will need to be aggressive with the ball and alert to the threat of their quick break in transition.

“In Nat Tobin and Rachael Souttar they have two of the more experienced and dangerous campaigners in the whole competition. They are both genuine match-winners who I have a lot of respect for.”

Of his team, Hopley is expecting Remy Siemsen to have another big game.

“All of our squad is looking good after the weekend but in particular Remy. Her screamer should give her some real confidence,” Hopley said.

Screamer? See it again: From 25 yards out Siemsen hit a left-foot thunderbolt that rocketed into the Bankstown net and gave her team a match-winning 3-1 lead.

MUFC Profile: Catching up with Remy Siemsen | Manly United Football Club
In-form: Remy Siemsen. Pic: Facet Photography

Hopley said his team, excuse the cliché, is taking it one week at a time. And while they beat the Koalas 3-2 in their previous meeting, “it will be a completely different game this time around”.

“Both teams have a number of players back that didn’t play on that particular day. They’re typically very well drilled in defence and quick and direct in transition. We will need to be switched on for the full ninety minutes,” Hopley said.

United sits in 9th position on the NSW NPL ladder two games outside the top 4 while Northwest Koalas are two games back in tenth position.

Kick-off is at 3pm at Cromer Park. Catch it live on NPL TV.