Lachie A and Jono made some huge runs with the ball in hand.

Carlos and Darius never gave up in defence.

Fullback Lachie B was excellent in cover defence, Daniel was most improved and man of the match while Bill and Lachie A received high commendation by selflessly playing for the other team.

Daniel on the burst. Pic: Nic Long

Yet it was the overall defensive starch of both teams that most impressed onlookers in the big match that was Forest U/6 White versus Harbord Harlequins at Keirle Park last Saturday.

“It was a high-scoring match but still great to see defence a focus for both teams,” Forest supporter Nic said. “It was a game played with plenty of respect for the other team, highlighted by the handshakes between everyone at the end of the game.

“The coaches Jack and Damian were proud of the boys for their respect for the opposition and for each other.

“All in all grassroots rugby was the winner on the day.”

The highlight of the match was Carlos scoring on a quick tap in the corner untouched. Sensing the opposition were off guard, Carlos took the initiative and had the speed to make it over cleanly before the opposition realised he had run away from them.

Carlos streaks away for a try. Pic: Nic Long.

The first half was an even battle with both teams getting over the advantage line. Scores were tight after Jono, Carlos and Lachie A all scored.

But Harbord kept the scoreboard moving too. And it wasn’t until Lachie B put on a brilliant right foot then left foot step to score that it felt like the game was in the bag.

Lachie B. on the fly. Pic: Nic Long

Long commended both teams, particularly Harbord who “played bravely even though they were down on numbers”.

“Hats off to them, they treated our boys who played for them like they were one of the team,” Nic said