Beaches Champion

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The Beaches Champion is the journal of community sport on the Northern Beaches.

Founded and edited by experienced sports writer Matt Cleary, the Champion covers all sport, senior and junior, professional and amateur, up and down the peninsula. 

The Champion has been running since late May ’21 after re-branding and pivoting away from the Northern Beaches Sports Tribune (founded Sep 19).

After four months The Beaches Champion has attracted 45,000 views. 

Advertising rates for community sports groups (from 3c per view) and corporates (from 5c per view).

As of Sep 28, 2021 that’s approx $700 per month for business and $350 for community sports groups.



Community sports stories written by experienced local sports journalist Matt Cleary (formerly Inside Sport, Inside Rugby, Inside Cricket, The Guardian, Rugby League Week), columnists such as James Griffin MP and Steve “Beaver” Menzies” and complemented by top local photographers.


Talk directly to consumers involved in local sport. If they’re reading the Beaches Champion, they’re locals, former locals or otherwise invested in the area. 

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We are tight with – and share stories among – other local media including  Northern Beaches Advocate, Manly Observer and Tawny Frogmouth.

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